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In-Shore Fishing Charters

In-Shore Fishing Charters

Starting at $300

Come enjoy the beautiful waters of Tampa Bay and St. Pete Beach inshore, where we will be targeting countless fish species amongst the passes, grass flats, reefs and mangroves.

Inshore is ideal for families or individuals concerned with rough water, as we are typically fishing shallow, calm waters.

The infamous big three consist of Snook, Trout, and Redfish.  They are a must on any anglers bucket list and sure to give you an action-packed day 

Pricing starts at $300 for 2 hours for two people* 

*+$50/person over two people. Maximum six people.



Known for their superior camouflage, Trout hide on grass flats and in mangroves



 Distinguished by a black dot on their tail, these fish are a great fight for all ages. 



Hardest fighting fish pound-for-pound, these fish are sure to give you a great time!



One of the most aggressive inshore species we have. Targeted with live bait.


Mangrove Snapper

The best fish tacos you'll ever have! 



A fun bi-catch, these tasty fish roam the flats and channels.

Near-Shore Fishing Charters

Near-Shore Fishing Charters

Starting at $600

The nearshore experience is great for anyone looking to take home fish. Reef species are known for their edibility and the action is unlike any other type of fishing.


We target the reefs and hard limestone bottom that surrounds the coast, offering prime conditions for its biodiversity.

Most of the fishing will be done bottom fishing or trolling, and there is never any telling what could be on the end of your line!

Pricing starts at $600 for 4 hours with two people*

*+$50/person over two people. Maximum six people. 


Mangrove & Gray Snapper

The best fish tacos you'll ever have! 



Fast and furious. Bonita are a hard fighting, aggressive pelagic species, almost identical to tuna.



One of the fastest fish that swim. Caught trolling or anchored with live-bait.

Capt G.jpg

Gag & Red Grouper

Known for being great table-fare. These strong fish subside in reefs and wrecks.



Hogfish are arguably the tastiest fish that swim. Their diet consists of shellfish and they reside on hard bottom ledges off the beach.



Nomadic bi-catch that roam the waters, never staying in one area too long.

Shark Fishing Charters
unnamed (3)_edited.jpg

Starting at $600

Shark Fishing Charters

Tampa Bay is known for having one of the densest populations of sharks in the world. Everywhere from shallow sandbars all the way to the deep water wrecks and reefs. Sharks rule over them all.

To target these apex predators, we fish mostly dead baits on the bottom, letting the shark's supreme senses detect the baits from 1000's of yards away. Ranging in size from 3ft - 15ft, shark fishing is a sure way to get your blood pumping and adrenaline flowing.

This trip is best for people looking for that "fight of a lifetime", and people that want to have a close interaction with one of nature's oldest predators.

Pricing starts at $600 for 4 hours for two people* 

*+$50/person over two people. Maximum six people.

unnamed (4).jpg

Black Tip

One of the most common sharks we catch, ranging from 3-7 feet, Black Tips are known for their acrobatic performance and aggressive temperament.

unnamed (3)_edited.jpg


Sub-species of the Hammerhead, Bonnethead's cruise shallow waters eating baitfish and crabs.


Lemon Shark

Known for their slight yellowish tint, Lemon Sharks are big and a great fight.


Bull Shark

Arguably the most aggressive shark that swims. Are known for eating anything in their territory and being a tremendous fight.



Definitely the coolest looking. Hammerheads are very aggressive and fast. ranging in size from 3-14 feet.


Tiger Shark

Tiger Sharks are a rare catch in the Gulf, but not impossible. They are eating machines and a true apex predator.

Tarpon Fishing Charters

Tarpon Fishing Charters

Starting at $800

The infamous "Silver King". Tarpon fishing is one of Captain Garrett's greatest passions. These fish are know for their "trophy fish" status and crazy acrobatic temperament. Being one of the largest gamefish to tackle in the world, their reputation is well earned. We target these awesome fish along rock piles, bridges, beaches and passes. Fishing from miles off the beach and into knee deep water along the grass flats.

Tarpon Charters are best suited for more experienced anglers, as the average fight time is 30 minutes to an hour.], with some stretching even longer! 

Tarpon's seasonal migration starts in the Spring and ends in the Fall, making them a fun seasonal treat

Pricing starts at $800 for 6 hours for two people* 

*+$50/person over two people. Maximum six people.


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