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Plan Your Epic Fishing Adventure with Imperial Sportfishing


Imperial Sportfishing offers the best and most exciting fishing experience in Tampa Bay! We will customize your trip to make sure you get the most out of your fishing adventure. All of our trips come with a guarantee that you will catch fish, making it fun for everyone

Build Your Charter

It's like building your own burrito .. but way better.

Charter Price Includes
  • Fishing for two people*

  • Fishing licenses

  • Rods, Reels & All Equipment

  • Coolers, Water & Ice *Bring your food/drink of choice. Alcohol is permitted!

  • Cleaning & prepping fish post charter

*+$50/person over two people. Maximum six people.


How long do you want to fish?

2 Hour

2 hour charters are a great 'get in, get out' fishing experience. Get the thrill of the catch, without the big time and financial commitment. *Inshore Only

4 Hour

4 hour charters provide a true fishing experience. Cast on multiple spots and experience some of Tampa Bay's best catches. *Best for Inshore & Nearshore

6 Hour

6 hour charters are best for Tarpon and Shark, to really experience the inshore/ nearshore fisheries, or get a taste of both. *Best for Tarpon and Shark

8 Hour

8 hour charters are a full day fishing experience on Tampa Bay and local beaches. Catch some of everything experiencing Tampa Bay and local beaches. 


Pick the Fish & Fishing Spot


Main Catches : Snook, Speckled Trout and Redfish.
Secondary Catches : Mackerel, Jack and Mangrove Snapper.
Fishing Spots : Flats, beaches and structures like mangroves and reefs.


Main Catches : Mangrove & Gray Snapper, Gag & Red Grouper.
Secondary Catches : Hogfish, Sheepshead, Kingfish, Spanish Mackerel.
Fishing Spots : Hard limestone ledges and coral reefs in deeper waters. 


Main Catch : Tarpon a.k.a Silver Kings
Season : April - September
Fishing Spots : Inshore waters of the Tampa Bay, beaches, bridges and reefs


Main Catch : Blacktip, Bull Shark, Bonnet Head.
Secondary Catches : Lemon, Nurse and Hammerhead.
Location : Nearshore Waters. Along channel edges, reefs and major passes. 


Book Your Trip

Dates &

Charters are available 7 days a week.
Depart from the dock at 8:30am. Return by 5:30pm. 

Contact the Captain for availability.


All charters are based at the beautiful Demens Landing Park in Downtown St. Petersburg. Demens Landing offers public restrooms, playground and picnic areas, along with a marina for any last minute charter needs. 

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